Why Psychology Services for Schools ?

In April 2017, a joint report by Mission Australia and the Black Dog Institute found nearly one in four Australian teenagers met the criteria for having a “probable serious mental illness” — a 20 per cent increase from five years ago. Psychological services for schools can often be an expensive endeavour, and limits in the Medicare funding system can make it difficult attain. YVP is proud to be able to offer psychological services to schools, students and parents on an ongoing basis, through a program that is beneficial and unique.

How the YVP School Program benefits You

No Cost to the Schools or Families

Yes, that is correct. YVP is proud to be able to offer psychological services to schools, students and parents on an ongoing basis at no cost to the schools or families associated with the YVP School Program

Therapy on Location

By working directly out of the school, we are able to maximise effectiveness of the psychological support and work collaboratively with the teaching and school welfare staff.

Consistency ensures Effectiveness

The YVP School Program ensures that both the child and the therapist are able to have consistent weekly sessions, whilst allowing the child to be in a space that they are already familiar and comfortable with.

The YVP School Program – Services

YVP works hard to provide a wide variety of psychological services within the school setting.

Group Work
Study Skills
Parent/teacher talks
Child & Adolescent Therapy
Tests & Assessments  

The YVP School Program – FAQs

What does YVP need from partner schools?

Fortunately the schools program does not require much in the way of administration and resources. For the program to function smoothly all YVP requires is a room to operate out of and a contact within the school who can be our point of contact. Usually this is a student welfare coordinator or a student services representative. With this our psychologists can operate fairly autonomously.

Our YVP schools psychologists

The psychologists that work as a part of the YVP schools program are specially selected for the services. All psychologists are fully registered and have a special interest, qualification or experience working directly with school aged children.

What qualifications do YVP school psychologists have?

Our team of psychologists who work in the school settings are all fully registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. All of our psychologists have qualified to provide psychological services for emotional and behavioural issues that are commonly experienced by school aged children. Our team are all able to see students under a Mental Health Care Plan and/or the Pervasive Developmental Disorder program. All of our psychologists have ‘Working With Children Permits’, which we can provide copies of for schools.

What are the costs for the YVP schools service?

There are no costs associated with our standard service for either the school or the students. The majority of our services are billed directly to Medicare. On occasion parents may request extra services which are not generally covered by Medicare and these services are usually organised between the psychologist and the parent. In some cases we are able to organise rebates, however these are on a case-by-case basis.

YVP Protocol for Additional Sessions

As per the Better Access Care Plan, students are eligible to access up to 10 individual sessions and 10 group therapy sessions, each calendar year. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to obtain an additional 5 sessions for assessment, which can only be accessed once, when diagnosed by a paediatrician under the pervasive development disorder program. Under the same program, students can also access an additional 20 sessions for further support, which also are only accessible once.

What are the benefits to my school of partnering with YVP?

YVP currently consists of 25 psychologists and several administrative staff. The benefit of having so many staff is that it allows for flexibility, as well as the ability to provide quality and reliable support services to schools. Those psychologists who work within the schools are either Education and Developmental psychologists, with specific and niche training for children and adolescents, or have a special interest and extensive experience in the area of children and child development. Moreover, YVP provides a large and reliable support network and structure for clinical staff, as well as regular mentoring and supervision. This ensures our staff are always operating at their best when interacting with clients.

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