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Information on the NDIS

Yarra Valley Psychology and Counselling is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered service. The NDIS provides assistance for those under 65 years of age living with a disability including people with intellectual, physical, sensory and psycho-social disabilities.

Yarra Valley Psychology and Counselling is currently registered to provide under the support category Improved Daily Living. If you have funding in this category you are able to use it to access psychological services and therapy from Yarra Valley Psychologists and Counsellors.

FAQs about the NDIS

Can the NDIS pay for my psychology services?

Yarra Valley Psychology is registered to provide psychology and counselling services using your NDIS plan funding. As long as you have funding under the support category Improved Daily Living we can organise for your plan to cover the cost of your sessions.

Each session of Individual Counselling costs $156.16 as per the NDIA price guide 2019/20 – clients whose plan began as of July 1st 2019 fall within this price guide.

If you would be interested in seeing a provisionally registered student of psychology, you can access Individual Counselling sessions through the NDIS at a reduced fee of $86.79 per session – these individuals are classified as ‘Level 2 Therapy Assistants’.

How can I access the NDIS at Yarra Valley Psychology?

If you would like to use your plan funding for psychology or counselling services you will need to call 1300 947 477 and identify yourself to our intake team as an NDIS funded client. One of our intake team members will ask you to provide some basic information regarding your plan, and then our NDIS coordinator will be in touch with you to organise an appointment with one of our psychologists or counsellors.

What services can I access using my NDIS funding?

If you have an NDIS funded plan you are able to access individual therapy sessions provided by a registered psychologist/counsellor or provisionally registered psychologist.

Depending on what your plan includes, you may also be able to access group therapy sessions and psychological assessments.

How will my session be paid for under the NDIS?

Your NDIS plan funding will cover your session in one of three ways depending on how your plan is managed:

Self managed plans are managed by the NDIS participant themselves or someone who acts on their behalf. Invoices are sent directly to the participant who will pay for their sessions using their NDIS funding directly.

If your funding is Plan managed you may be in affiliation with a plan management service which will manage your funds on your behalf. If this is the case YVP will invoice the plan management service for your sessions.

Lastly your plan may be Agency managed by the NDIA itself. If this is the case,a service booking will be created online for your sessions and all invoicing will be done online (via myportal) by Yarra Valley Psychology.

Do I have to see a particular Psychologist/Counsellor under the NDIS?

No, all of our psychologists and counsellors are registered to provide therapy services under Yarra Valley Psychology’s NDIS registration. To help you choose the person who would fit your needs the best, you can view a brief description of each of our Psychologists and Counsellors on the ‘Team’ page of our website.