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Information on EAPs

At Yarra Valley Psychology and Counselling we pride ourselves on providing quality and affordable services to raise the health and wellbeing of our community including employees of local businesses.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are work-based interventions that allow therapeutic services to be offered by employers to their employees, in order to support their wellbeing in the workplace and into their personal lives. This can often include the provision of services to immediate family members of the employee. Issues that can be addressed in therapy through an EAP include work stresses, relationship problems, health, trauma, substance use, financial problems, Depression/Anxiety and communication issues.

Yarra Valley Psychology and Counselling now offers an EAP, where employees are able to access therapy services through their employers. The service is completely confidential for employees and doesn’t require a visit to the GP for sessions. The conditions of an EAP and the amount of sessions you are eligible for is determined by the agreement between your employer and Yarra Valley Psychology and Counselling.

If you are an employee or employer who would like more information on our Employee Assistance Program please feel free to contact our intake team on 1300 947 477 or send us an email at eap.yarravalley@gmail.com