It is unavoidable to experience some type of stress throughout our lifetime, whether it be related to a specific incident, work, family, life transition or other life situation.

Stress can be positive in the sense that it energises us and helps tell us when we must take care of ourselves, however, at times stress builds up until it becomes too much to handle. Learning to manage stress caused by different life circumstances is important so that it does not contribute to more problems, interpersonally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

YVP psychologists and counsellors help individuals, couples, children and families to work through their anxiety and stress problems and teach them strategies to cope with stressful situations in the future. A thorough assessment is completed at the start of treatment to help identify the most effective, research informed approach to treating one’s anxiety/stress based on the individual’s needs and preferences. Solution oriented, cognitive behavioural and positive psychology techniques and skills are often incorporated into treatment to help the individual understand and manage their thoughts, feelings and behaviours that contribute to the stress problem.