Meditation takes us to the source of happiness, which is to be found in our own peace of mind.


What will you achieve?

  • Improved well-being and happiness
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better managed thought processes
  • Reduced anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, grief and worry
  • Greater awareness of common thinking traps and the strategies to overcome them
  • Improved health and decreased dependence on substances
  • Better sleep, improved concentration, clearer thinking and improved focus
  • Reduced emotional reactivity and distress

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to benefit from stress reduction, improved awareness of the present moment and greater well-being. It is also good for those coping with:

  • Pain
  • Job stress
  • Family stress
  • Anger management issues
  • Anxiety and Depression

What will you achieve?

  • Techniques for relaxation and stress relief
  • Strengthened awareness of self and the world
  • The skills to escape the habits of recurring downward mood spirals and waves of anxiety
  • Greater acceptance of self and others
  • Reduced pressure to meet impossible or self-punishing goals
  • A mindful attitude to everyday living