Inclusiveness as a Core Value


Yarra Valley Psychology & Counselling is proud to embrace inclusiveness as a core value. We serve the diverse needs of the LGBTIQ community across Melbourne and Eastern Victoria. We have a number of mental health professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in working with the LGBTIQ community.

We recognise that while lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex LGBTIQ individuals seek therapy for the exact same issues, problems and concerns as anyone else, they are also affected by having to live in a homophobic and trans phobic world. In order for the LGBTIQ individual to have a positive and beneficial experience of therapy it’s essential that they and their psychologist or counsellor have a close understanding of the concerns presented inside the context of homophobia and trans phobia.

LGBTIQ culturally competent therapists understand that you consist of much more than simply your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Therefore we recognise that there are reasons other than sexual orientation and/or gender identity that lead individuals to seek counselling. Nonetheless, Yarra Valley psychologists & counsellors “get” the complex ways in which societal prejudice and discrimination produce issues that LGBTIQ clients may seek to address in counselling.

Our psychologists & counsellors also provide assistance to family members who need to understand these complexities and adjust to their family member identity.