Families come in many forms including: extended families, single parent families, gay couples (with or without children), nuclear families, child headed families, childless couples, cohabiting couples and combined families. Yarra Valley Psychology & Counselling recognises all forms of families and strives to make a positive impact in our communities through our family therapy services. YVP psychologists who practice family therapy have developed and maintain a base of skills and knowledge that are specific to family therapy.

Family Therapy is designed to transcend simple cause and effect explanations that attribute deficits within the individual. It also includes meaningful intervention addressing those aspects of family function that lead to maladaptive behaviour and the increase of anxiety and distress within the family.

Psychologists & counsellors that practice from this framework engage family members in a collaborative exploration of their presenting dilemmas. Family Therapists universally employ the most inclusive framework to help clients make sense of their doubts or confusions. Some Family Therapists put most emphasis on exploring the beliefs, some the language and stories and some the repeating behaviour patterns. They may also elect to examine the attempted solutions or to focus attention on experiences, which work well for the client. Some of these sessions may be as a group, in couples, or one on one. In Family Therapy, the web of interpersonal relationships is examined and, ideally, communication is strengthened within the family.

Fees for Family Therapy

The cost of a family therapy session varies depending on the number of individuals you would like to attend the sessions. Please see the cost guide below for more information (per 50-minute session unless otherwise stated):

2 people = $180

3 people = $220

4 people = $250

5+ people = $300 (1.5 hours)

*Unfortunately, Medicare does not provide a rebate for family therapy sessions so the full cost must be covered by the individual.