A Career with Yarra Valley Psychology & Counselling

We are a well-established, progressive organisation providing professional mental health services in the Eastern region of Melbourne (Nunawading, Croydon, Dandenong and Lilydale locations) offering fulfilling & productive careers in psychology. Over the years we have received overwhelming support from local government, doctors, schools and community based services. We have full time or part time positions available for talented psychologists with relationship counselling experience or willing to be trained and supervised in this field.

Successful applicants will be joining a collaborative environment where they will be integrated into one of four existing teams lead by senior psychologists. Our team based system works towards creating a peer and manager- supported environment that promotes a good network and administration. This model is the foundation of our systems for peer, manager and individual supervision along with a welfare officer and an open-door policy with management and directorship.

Career Pathways

As a moderate to large practice with multiple sites we can help our members progress into new career pathways to match their areas of interest and talents. This includes moving into supervision, team leadership, general management or in establishing your own projects. Examples of our projects include group therapy, play therapy and the schools program. All our initiatives have been proposed, planned and managed by our existing staff who are mentored by managers and directorship through the project development process.

What Yarra Valley Psychology is looking for :

  • Attractive remuneration packages
  • Successful, established and well run private practice
  • Practice management software and IT system that enables flexibility to complete client administration online from home
  • Access to clinical resources and test library
  • Autonomy to develop self-interests
  • Work flexibly across different locations
  • Full administration support that includes marketing, extensive caseload management, support in completing Medicare reporting requirements, and management of all accounts/appointments
  • Established practice with high client demand and well-developed policies and procedures
  • Variety of clinical work including individual, children couples and families, broad presentations and age groups

Applicants will be registered psychologists and must have competency in the assessment and treatment of a variety of psychological conditions amongst diverse client groups. A strong grasp of evidence-based psychological therapy including CBT, ACT and EFT is a requirement, as is the ability to forge a strong collaborative relationship with clients. Knowledge of Positive Psychology Interventions is desirable.

  • Well developed clinical and counselling skills
  • Good organisation skills
  • Excellent communication skills, with strong rapport building skills
  • Report writing skills
  • High level of commitment to practising with integrity
  • Demonstrated intellectual curiosity and a commitment to ongoing professional development in a relevant area of practice
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Eligibility for Medicare service provision
  • Registration with Psychology Board of Australia
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

Current Position Vacancies

Specialty Positions

– Senior Specialty Support Clinician (Clinical – Contractor)
– Community Support Clinicians (Contractor Only)

General Clinical Positions

– Child and Adolescent
– Clinic Based Employed
– Clinic Based Contractor

At YVP we are currently seeking skilled clinicians to fill specialty roles who will support both our clinicians and client and those in the community with mobility constraints that require home visitation.

Senior Specialties Support Clinician

The YVP team is looking for a highly experienced senior clinical psychologist to support members of the team with clients who have complex needs. The expected case load for this clinician will be considerably less and the rates structure will be unique from other contracted agreements. While some of this clinician’s client load will come from normal intake, this role will see a high volume of internal referrals for complex cases. In practice, this may include taking on this client or only seeing this client for some sessions to support the clinician in addressing the case.

Perks of this role:
– Reduced case load
– Considerably favourable rates
– Senior position
– Flexible locations and hours

Community Support Clinician

For clinicians who prefer to work outside of the office and on the road, have flexible hours and better rates. Affectionately dubbed as our roaming clinicians, we are continually building our team of community support clinicians whose role is to visit clients at locations other than the clinic. These clients vary in scope; they may be supported by the NDIS, nursing homes, schools, and home visits. Each week we release basic information about cases we have just picked up for this team and members can nominate if they would like to take on the case.

Perks of this role:
– Self-managed hours
– Autonomy
– Considerably favourable rates

How to Apply :

To apply, use the Contact Form below. If you don’t meet the full criteria make a clear statement of why you believe you should be considered.

Apply Here

Schools Clinician + Play Therapy

The YVP Directorship was made aware through its government and allied health community that local schools were experiencing a reduction in budgets which impacted their ability to support mental health. Consequently, we established a program whereby the schools in our community could still access mental health services at no cost to the school or its students and families. Now our schools team proudly provides this service to around 7 schools in our community with several other schools waiting to join. We are immensely proud of their achievements in the short time they have been operating and we are looking to further their capacity by adding more motivated clinicians to the team. Alike our general team based model in clinics, our schools team has its own team which is led and managed by our senior child and adolescent clinician. As a part of this team you will be given the opportunity to have specialist training in test and assessment batteries and in play therapy. This role is a great fit for any new clinicians looking for a supportive start to their career and is currently comprised of mostly clinical registrar psychologists who have their registrar hours funded by YVP. It is also a great opportunity for mothers and fathers who would like to work part time and have school holidays off.


YVP has incorporated sub-contractors into its organisational model since its foundation and acknowledges the clinical excellence and dynamic experience that sub-contractors offer. Our contractor team currently consists of 7 clinicians and we are looking to expand this team. Alike our employee model, we are currently working on establishing a team with its own contractor team leader. This is because the needs of sub-contractors vary from our employed clinic clinicians and our school clinicians and we aim to ensure that all our staff’s needs are effectively catered for. So as a sub-contracted clinician you can expect to join an established team that is incorporated as much as employed staff and has support and networks between clinicians, admin and the managing directorship of the company. YVP also offers contractors a consistently full caseload and requests a minimum requirement of at least one full day or 5 clients seen.

In addition to general clinic based contracting work YVP also has a consistent flow of clients who require consideration for their needs in terms of location and times. Each week we release non-identifying details (with confidentiality in mind) of certain clients to a pool of contractors who would like to pick up clients here and there. Often these clients are a higher paying fee and require home or afterhours visits. With these clients YVP offers significantly better rates for clinicians to pick them up on top of the already higher fees. If you would like to be a part of this pool then please contact: – Associate Director: Daniel Killey.

How to Apply :

To apply do use the Contact Form below. If you don’t meet the full criteria make a clear statement of why you believe you should be considered.

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